Floral Insanity

What do you get when you combine clean cut makeup looks with the most colourful blooms and the best editorial photographer you can find...

The most Insane Floral Explosion! aka #floralinsanity

When we launched the studio two years ago we wanted to do something different, something bold and something that has not been done locally before.

I went on a search for unique and exquisite features in different skin tones, it had to be some sort of sleeping beauty, no expression, just beauty in it's purest form...like a flower in full bloom.

Off course there was no question as to who the Floral designer would be, back then Chane Moffat was a co-investor in the studio space, my partner in crime and the ultimate Bestie. Today she's the proud owner of her own BLOM.online company and still flourishing between the blooms.

Now we had faces to work with, flowers in bulk and we just needed someone to buy into our idea and capture the true essence of what we had envisioned and to be completely honest, we couldn't have collaborated with a more talented editorial photographer for this concept!

Elanie Ross from Reflective Photography jumped on-board when we shared this concept with her and the final images had gone above all expectations. They have been up on our wall for the last 2 years and we still get compliments every single day...they were just perfect!!!

I had them put up on the studio wall together with 2 of our favourite quotes and I thought what better way to end of this blog post than by sharing the words that guide our studio daily.

Love, Ronel & The Studio Luxe Collective Team 🖤

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